Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Blog

This is to be my first blog. I might blog more, but this is the first one. I hope to tell you about the food I make.

I love food, and like most women in their thirties, I struggle with my love. I try to make wonderful food that is practical, tasty and healthy, though often you'll find that my attitude is extreme. If you're going to eat cookies, eat good cookies. Made from butter and white flour, there is no such thing as a lower fat cheesecake or light mousse. These things are made from the things we love: salt, fat and sugar. On the other hand I do have the weight conscious mind, so sometimes I make something that's better for you.

I cook many things: simple one pot dinners, extravagant party items, whole five course dinners, full Korean meals, dog food (really), cat treats, things for kids, things to taste good without being bad for you, really bad for you treats, barbecue, slow cooker, comfort food, brunches, breakfast goodies, camping goods to keep you warm, whatever you want. I hope you will find my daily cooking adventures here.

I also have an idea in my head that what we eat should be good for us, in a global and local sense. I don't want factory meat or mass produced anything (alas: reality). I try to get my eggs from my parents, who raise them. Sometimes we raise our own meat (it's the only way to be SURE it's well treated). I am currently on an adventure to buy a lamb from this gentleman: I'm very excited about the prospect for having my own, whole lamb; only 11 days till I can go pick one out!

I guess what I mean is, when I can buy local I'll spend more, when I can buy good sustainable farming practice I'll buy that, and pay more. I think when you buy from the farmer you're doing your part to help them remain farmers, so I'll also buy in bulk if that's what it takes. I try to grow my own garden, eat from farmer's markets and shop at non-major chain stores. I also draw the line at outrageous costs. I know it costs more to responsibly raise animals, but I'm not paying $15 a pound for ground beef. If that's the cost I'd rather not eat it (I have found affordable beef, I'm just saying that I'm not paying $15 a pound for ground chuck burgers, come on!)

So If you'll follow me, I'll tell you about my food, and give you my secrets. Something many people have been after me for, for a long time now.

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